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"Home to SCUBA divers who are diving on the WWII Japanese wrecks in Coron Bay."

Coron's FIRST Department of Tourism Accredited Tourist Lodging Facility

The Kalamayan Inn, Bed and Breakfast in Coron, Busuanga, Palawan is a recommended lodging for anyone desiring the comfort of an air-conditioned room at a very reasonable price. The Kalamayan Inn, restaurant and Tourist Trap bar carries Dive Right's recommendation for the staff's personal attention to your needs and comfort.

. Front entrance, on a side street.

Personally supervised by Manager Josie Bruzeila, the staff will attend to all of your needs and make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

. Manager, Josie

The two deluxe rooms downstairs have air-conditioning and a fan, and a private bathroom. Your choice of double bed or two single beds.

. One of Two Deluxe Rooms Downstairs

. Deluxe room w/air-conditioning and fan.

. Private Bathroom for a Deluxe Room

Four standard rooms upstairs have air-conditioning and a fan and your choice of double bed or two twin beds but these four rooms share four lavatories, two toilets and two showers.

. Standard rooms and bathroom facilities.

. Standard room with two twin beds.

The Tourist Trap Bar carries a large supply of SERIOUSLY COLD BEER, a wide variety of easy listening tunes and past favorites, and many tales of diving prowess and local color. Meet the best local divers and relive the days' diving exploits. The Tourist Trap is well decorated and does not follow the "Drunken Karaoke" format of the local hangouts. You can always get a SERIOUSLY COLD beer here and absorb some "local color". If your taste in drinks runs beyond a cold beer or a simple rum and coke then the Tourist Trap is the bar for you. Tourist Trap has no strangers, only friend you haven't yet met. If you would like more information then please also browse the Kalamayan Inn WebPages or send them an e-mail.

. Tourist Trap Bar.

If you stay at the Kalamayan Inn their Manila office will make all of your travel arrangements to and from Coron.

Two deluxe rooms downstairs have a private bathroom with shower. Prices for the deluxe rooms with private bath are US$ 21 per night for a single occupant OR $24.50 per night for double occupancy OR $28 per night for triple occupancy. The four large standard rooms upstairs share two bathrooms. Standard rooms are priced at US $17.50 per night for a single occupant OR $21 per night for double occupancy OR $24.50 per night for triple occupancy. In all rooms you have your choice of double bed or two single beds. All room prices include breakfast.

Kalamayan Inn can be booked through their Manila office at Ph: 63-2-633-4701 and asking for Mrs. M. Santos or by Fax at 63-2-633-4855. While Kalamayan Inn has telephone service directly to Coron, Phone: 63-1231-48-196-2538 this can be a very difficult call to connect. (Note that this is a Bayantel telephone number so check if your phone service can connect to Bayantel if you are calling from inside the Philippines)

Kalamayan Inn's restaurant serves excellent meals under the personal supervision of the manager. Kalamayan Inn is the home of the finest cheeseburger and french fries (chips for some of you) in Palawan.

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